My philosophy, based on two core concepts

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Healthy roots grow healthy shoots

Healthy, positive, and authentic self-esteem is the foundation of a child’s well-being, growth, and learning. Each child is born with a distinctive temperament that is essential to identify, understand, accept, and celebrate. It is this recognition and acceptance that creates the right environment for the child to build an authentic sense of self. Children raised with this approach become capable of recognizing and accepting their strengths and limitations, become comfortable with who they are, and become able to strive to be their best. 

It is important for children to understand that their decisions, thoughts, and actions affect their own well-being and that of those around them, and that they are responsible for the consequences of their decisions. To encourage this, I use numerous opportunities and provide assistance for children to engage in the process of problem solving and conflict resolution. I am mindful of the language I use and encourage them to express their thoughts, ideas, and reasoning. When children evaluate their choices in the context of the guiding principles: we take care of ourselves, of each other, and of our things, they are able to make appropriate decisions without fear of authority or need of approval. This allows them regulate their own behavior in appropriate and compassionate ways, helps them trust themselves and helps others trust them, and contributes immeasurably toward building their self-esteem.

It takes a village to raise a child

I value meaningful partnerships with clients based on trust and respect so that we work as a team towards our shared goal to provide the best and consistent care for the child. These partnerships are built beginning with the intake interview and continuing through daily communication as well as extended meetings. I hold these meetings with clients after daycare hours on a regular basis where we have time to engage intensively with each other, and where I can give them substantive advice. In addition to these modes of communication, I invite all my clients to attend periodic workshops to foster a sense of community and for us to learn from each other.

Since many others adults affect children’s lives, I encourage clients to share our co-developed insights and care-giving philosophy with other relevant adults like grandparents and babysitters for the child to benefit from a consistent approach. When required, with permission from the parents, I work with other providers including babysitters, kindergarten teachers, and therapists to promote the wellbeing of the child. I learn from and work closely with these professionals in order to support each other in our efforts.

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